13 Best Niches for Online Courses 2024 (Most Profitable Online Courses Topics) 

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Are you looking for ideas for creating and selling online courses? Do you want to know the best niches for them? Don’t worry; we can help you with that.

Online courses have gained huge popularity everywhere in recent years, mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

By creating and selling courses online, you can gain a significant income and pass on your knowledge about a particular topic.

Beyond specific formal education niches, other various topics are in demand in the online world. So, in this article, we’ll discuss the most profitable niche to choose for creating an online course. Without further ado, let’s get started. 

How do You Choose the Right and Most Profitable Online Course Ideas?

Niche courses focus on a particular topic or a degree in an area, which is valuable for those looking forward to learning about a specific topic, field, or career path.  

So, while choosing the best niches for online courses, make sure it’s something you are passionate about, along with expertise in that field.   

You must know everything in detail about the course you’re trying to sell because that’s how you can help solve other people’s queries.  

Also, when you choose your niche, research the trending topic or the topic that people demand the most. Otherwise, investing your time in courses that won’t sell well is inefficient.

Thus, ensure the niche you choose has enough demand and that you’re ready to start your online courses. Meanwhile, you can create online courses using WordPress and themes that fit your niche.

13 Best Niches for Online Courses in 2024 – Most Popular Online Course Topics

Planning and strategizing what course to launch is extremely crucial. Here are the most profitable online courses, backed up with thorough research of our own.

1. Entrepreneurship and Business  

The first of many online course ideas on our list is Entrepreneurship and Business, as it’s one of the most profitable online courses.

Entrepreneurship and Business

Regardless of the season or economy, people tend to look forward to starting or improving their business. Under the business niche, you can cover sub-niche topics to stand out from others offering similar courses.

Further, you can choose topics focusing on starting a business, marketing, and more.

It’ll be a bonus point if you’ve vastly succeeded as an entrepreneur, as people always look forward to learning from someone with expertise in that area.

2. Computers and IT  

If you choose the Computer and IT niche as one of your online course ideas, you get to explore various topics.

Computer and IT Best Niche for Online Courses

Under it, you get options like AI, coding, web development, cyber security, software development, etc. Like business, this is also a broad niche with various sub-niches to choose from.

Additionally, technology is rapidly evolving, and people are always looking forward to learning and understanding new developments in the computer field.

That’s where you can play your part by offering easy learning methods. Some of the most in-demand course ideas include Ethical Hacking, Programming, Python, etc.

3. Web Design

Web Design falls under the Computer and IT sub-niche and is one of the most profitable online course niches.

Web Design Popular Online Course Topic

You can create courses on multiple levels for every student to achieve their long-awaited dream of being a web designer.

Some of the most in-demand online courses in web design include Graphic Design, Photoshop, App Development, Animation, 3D Modelling, User Interface (UI), and User Experience (UX).

Thus, you can pick creative and frequently evolving topics under this niche for the most profitable online courses.

4. Academics  

It’s no news that online education is just as helpful as the traditional in-school system.


Also, it can be pretty valuable if you’re not an expert but have skills that are one step ahead of the knowledge you want to provide to your users.

Moreover, you can offer courses for students who want to pursue their traditional education online, those who are preparing for tests like IELTS and SAT, or those who want to sharpen their skills.

You can provide online courses for every small or big academic topic, as someone will always try to learn via theory, visuals, online books, etc.  

Check out our list of Education themes for your WordPress website.

5. Fitness and Lifestyle  

Fitness and Lifestyle is another favorite online course idea that many people follow to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness and Lifestyle Most Profitable Online Courses

This niche covers various topics such as exercise, eating habits, nutrition, meditation, mental health, and more.  

In today’s context, people are more active in learning how they can pursue a healthy and balanced lifestyle. You could teach people and offer complete plans to create that life with proper exercise and diet.

Several popular topics fall under this niche, like Vegan Food Recipes, Quick Workout Routines, Pilates, How to do Intermittent Fasting, etc.

Is this the niche you’re looking for? If so, here’s an article on a few fitness WordPress themes and a guide on how to create a fitness website.

6. Digital Marketing  

In recent times, digital marketing has proven super profitable for an online niche, given the rapid popularity of online businesses.

Digital Marketing

There is a massive demand for digital marketing experts, which is likely to continue in the long run. You can launch various topics under the digital marketing niche if you want to be included in the race.  

Some of the best-selling courses are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Copywriting, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing Specialist, and Google Analytics Essential Training.

Depending on your choice, you can run multiple courses or choose one and specialize in it. 

7. Arts & Crafts  

Apart from the various and most popular online course topics, you can even sell online courses on different kinds of hobbies.

Arts and Crafts - Best Niches for Online Courses

For instance, arts and crafts are an excellent niche for those who want to enjoy the arts and learn from professionals.

Under it, you can explore topics like Drawing, Painting, Pottery Making, Sculpture, etc.

You can create courses focused on those who take art as a hobby in between their busy working lives or make different levels of courses for beginners who want to pursue arts professionally.

Choose the right theme for this niche from our article on the best WordPress themes for artists.

8. Writing & Content Creation

In today’s context, every type of website runs blogs for content creation. Hence, there’s a drastic demand for writers and content creators like editors, video makers, etc.

Writing - Most Profitable Online Courses Topics

That’s why you should create courses for those who want to write and create content for a profitable outcome.  

Apart from writing, you can sell different levels of courses focused on video making as well. Further, you can focus on courses, especially for social media copywriting.

Some other best-selling writing course ideas could be SEO Copywriting, Beginner Writing Hacks, Guide on Starting Blogs, and so on.  

9. Music  

Music is a broad niche that can be explored to offer tons of topics for different audiences.

Music - Online Course Ideas

Just like arts and crafts, you can create courses for people who want to pursue them professionally and those who do it as a hobby or for personal use.

Some of the most famous sub-topics include instrumental courses like guitar, drums, violin, harmonica, etc.

You can also take courses in Music Production, Songwriting, Sound Engineering, Sound Arrangement, Vocal Training, etc.

Take your creativity on music to another level with the right WordPress music theme.

10. Languages  

It’s one of the most popular online course topics, as language learning has been an ongoing trend for a very long time.

Languages - Profitable Online Course Topic

Not to forget, there are so many languages to teach people all over the world. This is also an excellent way for users to connect and get to know people from various parts of the world.

Among various language courses, some of the most famous include English, Spanish, Japanese, and French.

As English is the top language worldwide, you can also create courses focusing mainly on it. Some ideas include courses on English grammar and improving English speaking.  

11. Personal Development  

Personal Development courses are mainly about helping people achieve their best and are one of the most profitable online courses.

Personal Development - Online Course Ideas

The course could relate to their personal lives, careers, personalities, or anything else that could help them live better lives.

The popularity of living a well-managed life is rapidly increasing, so you should indulge in offering such courses in today’s context.

Some popular topics that can be explored under this niche include How to Live a Happier Life, Have Better Relationships, Find the Right Career Path, Tips to Achieve Goals, etc.  

12. Career Coaching  

People still feel confused when choosing the career path that’s most suitable for them. They search for guidance on what might be the optimal path for them down the road.

Career Coaching - Online Course Ideas

They also constantly look for mentors who can help them, and that’s where your course can assist them in achieving their goals.   

This might be your best niche if you’re experienced and skilled enough to offer the best career advice.

You don’t need the knowledge and guidance for every career path, but you can form a course alongside others who are the best in their field. In that manner, you can offer service and assist people in their career paths.  

13. Culinary Industry

Lastly, a course on the culinary industry might be one of the most profitable online courses. There are varieties of cuisines around the world, each with its own history.

Culinary Industry - Most Profitable Online Courses

People would want to explore the tastes of another region and recreate them in their kitchens. The information you provide will be very useful, even for restaurant and hotel chefs.

People love Chinese, Indian, Italian, and Turkish cuisines. You can start by creating courses for these cuisines.

However, you need to perform a lot of research and create authentic and famous dishes to attract more views and eyes to your content.

Which Platform is the Best for Creating and Selling an Online Course? 

Apart from a course idea, you also require a platform to create and sell your online course.

It would be best if you used WordPress, an open-source and free content management system, to build your online course site. All you need is a domain name and a WordPress hosting account. 

Another crucial thing you require for your online course site is the eLearning management plugin or LMS plugin that lets you create and set up your courses.

For instance, Masteriyo is one of the best LMS plugins for developing any online course. 

Masteriyo Plugin - Most Profitable Online Courses

Masteriyo is a powerful and user-friendly plugin for building courses without requiring any coding knowledge.

It offers a unique, top-notch user interface, which makes setting up courses smoother. It also seamlessly integrates with an eLearning LMS theme to present your courses beautifully. 

With this revolutionary LMS, you can also integrate eCommerce. This means that you can skip the process of installing other plugins.

In conclusion, Masteriyo is the best LMS plugin you can get to create your online website.

You can download this plugin free of charge from the plugin repository or purchase the pro version from its official site.

Final Words for Online Course Ideas!

We’ve reached the end of our article. We hope it will help you find the right online course ideas for you.

Our list of the most profitable online courses covers various niches that work best in the online world, but remember to choose one that best fits your interests and experience.

Further, remember that creating and implementing an online course takes great effort, time, and patience. So, make sure you understand your target audience and work through it.  

We also mentioned WordPress as the best platform for creating, managing, and selling your online courses. The Masteriyo plugin can take your website to the next level. 

Finally, it’s a wrap. If you want to read more, check out our blog and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay updated.

Happy Reading!  


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