Collaborate with ThemeGrill

Let’s join forces to help each other grow, share our products, and reach more people together. Here, a fun journey begins, changing the way we use the web!

Our Collaboration Philosophy

Since our inception in 2014, we’ve built a solid reputation in the WordPress community, developing popular themes and plugins. Partnering with us opens doors to a global network of WordPress enthusiasts, connecting developers and businesses alike while we also tap into your unique audience.  

Teamwork: The Heart of Our Dream

ThemeGrill thrives on the principle that “teamwork makes the dream work“. We’re constantly eager to team up with new allies who share our commitment to making the web a better place. 

Growth Through Partnership, Not Rivalry

At ThemeGrill, we emphasize mutual growth over competition. We’re all about fostering enduring partnerships based on shared goals and dreams. In our eyes, every victory of yours counts as our win too.  

Collaboration Opportunities

We are enthusiastic about forming partnerships in a variety of domains: 

1. Marketing Partnerships

 Reach new heights with joint marketing efforts. Let’s pool our resources and influence for greater reach and impact.  

2. Cross-Promotion

Utilize the strength of our combined global reach and user bases to mutually promote our respective products or services. 

3. Product Integration

Got a fantastic product that could benefit ThemeGrill users? Let’s work together to create seamless integrations that provide value for our shared audience. 

Let’s Join Hands

Ready to Join Forces?  We would love to hear from you if you’re interested in exploring a potential partnership. Complete the form below, and one of our collaboration specialists will contact you soon.  

Together, we can redefine the WordPress landscape and create unparalleled user experiences. Let’s start this journey together. 

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